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Massage Therapy and Healing

“A client once said to me ‘My body and mind feel like they have been danced back into balance’. When I listen to Andrew’s CD’s during my treatments I believe this is exactly what the music allows me to do. I find my clients reach a much deeper healing space than with any other kind of music I have played. It enables me to work on a physical, mental and spiritual level, both with myself and the client, facilitating profound healing and helping people with their inward journey.

Having listened to them over a hundred times, with each new listening I hear a different sound, experience a different emotion and feel a different rhythm, depending on the client I have in the room. Andrew’s music allows me as a massage therapist to tune into my client as opposed to tune into the music. It does not distract from my work, but greatly enhances it.”

Emily Dorrington, Massage Therapist, New Zealand

Hi Andrew,
Just want to say how much of a pleasure it was discovering your music on a recent visit to New Zealand. I heard it playing in a store and immediately knew there was something special in what I was hearing. I bought the cd Essence, and as an architect dabbling in reiki and meditation, listening to this album is truly inspiring, profound, and a moving experience. It is beautifully composed. Wonderful wonderful music… my spirit is thanking you!

Mandy Matthews, Australia

Healer, Australia

Hi Andrew
I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” for the beautiful music of Resonance. It brings me an experience of deep cosmic connection, heightening and expanding higher heart and soul vibrations.
Sharing your unique talents with others is a great gift to the world.
Blessings and appreciation.

Sheena Waterhouse, Healer, Australia (April 2012)

Visionary Writing and Healing

“As a writer and sound healer, among the amazing choices there are, I have almost exclusively used Andrew’s scintillating music “Starseed” and “Alpha Omega” to hold a coherent resonant field in which I naturally open to Divine inspiration for creation. The sound he masterfully offers is elegantly timeless, deliciously transporting, and certainly in an ecstatic category by itself. I joyfully recommend it!”

Ariel Spilsbury, USA
Author of ‘The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars’

“Hello Andrew,
Thank you very much for the cd. Listening to the music was a truly profound experience. I had such an emotional response… heart beating fast, tears in my eyes. The music is haunting and felt like “it” had travelled across the universe to my ears.
I haven’t actively entered altered states for the past couple of years, however with the first two tracks my soul went dancing off into the cosmos and by the third track found myself in a completely different place, somewhere in the Pleiades system that was actually the old home. It was a precious meeting with others though I won’t go into details as it’s a long story! Your music was the bridge that enabled me to reach that place. Thank you!!
‘Alchemy of the Heart’ is a deeply moving track… it was as if all the many forms of love, and the pain suffering from tragic love, betrayal etc from human existence were forged in a furnace to distil something divinely beautiful.
With two of the tracks from Alpha~Omega I could feel the music penetrating my brain and spine… first time I’ve had this kind of embodied opening. It’s hard to explain… perhaps the heavenly hosts were dancing in my nervous system!
My words are really inadequate to express the depth of my feeling response to your music.
Peace and blessings,”

Karen Lupe, Psychotherapist and Author, New Zealand

Dear Andrew,

I’m writing to thank you for all you do to help people with your amazing music!

I’m a big fan of your music, in fact it was played as one of my favorite spiritual pieces
(Heavenly Host, from the “Alpha Omega” CD) on ‘Inspired Talk’ radio show last night.

Ian Fox author, speaker, spiritual teacher and seminar leader.
Mind/Body Wellbeing Expert

Film-making and Visual Art

“As a visionary artist I journey to other dimensions with my work, and Andrew Forrest’s music facilitates and enhances the creative process. His music is a vehicle that carries us beyond. It has a wealth of flavours, it is meditative and dynamic, yet creative, healing and transformative.”

Jean-Luc Bozzoli, Filmmaker, Hawaii

Yoga and Qigong

“Andrew’s music amplifies the expansive and healing atmosphere in the classes I teach. The vibration that comes through his music helps people remain focused and yet relaxed. The music points to the same indescribable Oneness to which both the practices of Yoga and Qigong point. I always love sharing Andrew’s music with those in the class!”

Stephanie Challis, Yoga and Qigong Instructor, NZ

Healing and Mediumship

“I have witnessed Andrew Forrest’s music to be uplifting and extremely helpful for those who are working in the alternative therapy sphere. His work is a true example of a marriage of different sounds with healing frequencies, and it is a true blessing for your ear. His work synthesises the healing vibrations we need to uplift our DNA, and his work is a true aid in connecting you with your higher self and higher realms of our universe.
I thank Andrew for his work. I found Starseed and Alchemy to be magical experiences.”

Isabelle Duchêne, Belgium,
International spiritual coach and medium

Blessings Andrew,
Thank you from deep within my heart for sharing your
gift to the world.
The frequencies you bring through are imperative in these times of change
and ascension, and you are doing a magical job.
Working with a large group of clients both at home and at Camp Eden
facilitation Transference Healings, Meditations and Training Workshops,
I am humbled every day to feel the healing frequencies and Spiritual Realms
come through your high frequency music.
Joyful responses from clients mean many requests for your CDs.

Raeline Overall, Transference Healer, Australia

Inner Journeying

I really just want to share my gratitude with you for yet another amazing composition (“Boundless”). I have felt a familiar resonance with ‘Boundless’ from the first listen and as with all your music, it seems to speak to me in ways I don’t always understand. There is a sense of healing embedded within the frequencies and no matter what heaviness is pulling at me, I can always move beyond the physical and into the lighter and higher realms through your music.

I think I’ve actually had your music on repeat since discovering it in a shop in Nelson 3 years ago. I can’t thank you enough or put into words the sense of heart felt peace it still brings me. Each sequence has it’s own flow of experiences and yet each composition works to inspire deep creation and expansion. It is a journey home.

Mandy Matthews, Australia

“Hi Andrew,
Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your great music. I love this type of music to tune and harmonise the auric field and energy matrix of the bio-system.
I now have ‘Alchemy’ and just arrived a few days ago ‘Alpha-Omega’. I love them both!!!”

James Frampton, Australia

“I’ve taken my time to fully experience your beautiful soul-moving, spirit-shifting, conscience-altering music of all 3 CDs and absolutely love them all! At first I thought I’d be biased to love Starseed better than the other 2 since I heard it while we were out on the ocean with the dolphins of Bimini…. Not so! I can’t decide which one I enjoy the most – they all greatly appeal to me and induce the perfect state of mind to meditate and relax. So there you have it! They ALL induce beautiful “inner-soundscaping” soul journeying… you are truly gifted! Thank you for sharing your gifts! :)”

Lucille Verrier, Canada

“I am writing to express how much your music has added to my life. I have Starseed, Alpha~Omega and Alchemy. Your latest album (Alchemy) is the best yet, very moving and thought provoking. I use them all for meditation purposes, as do others I know. I have had paranormal experiences that are connected with higher beings, and your music helps greatly with that. You are indeed a very gifted individual.”

Stuart Wisdom, UK

Testimonials in Response to ‘Infinite Octaves’

“What music! Sublime, beautiful, peaceful, floating, timeless, accessing higher realms. Infinite Octaves complements Starseed and Alpha~Omega perfectly. I have listened to many ambient/electronic albums; yours are on a different level all together.”

Stuart Wisdom, UK

“The music is superb, as is the artwork and sound production.”

Dan Deznan, Australia

“I love it. The music transported me to beautiful higher realms. Very harmonious. Full marks – ten out of ten!!!!”

James Frampton, Australia

“‘Infinite Octaves’ flowed into my being so deeply that it permeated through the spaces between my cells. Cosmic hints of inter-galactic communications; vast highways of energy that crossed whole universes. This music took me to the edge of a gigantic “rim”; the pregnant empty space. I seemed to be hearing and feeling strains of angelic singing, the haunting song of the whales and glimpses of Creator (Primary Consciousness) gazing tenderly through the veils.. seeing inwardly a multitude of different shapes constantly changing, sacred geometry through sound…. In a nutshell, listening to your music is an expansive multi-dimensional experience, spanning the visceral to the ethereal. Very powerful and deeply moving. Well done!!”

Karen Lupe, New Zealand

“I love the album. It’s got all of the signature sounds you do so uniquely well. To my ears it shares much common ground with Starseed – the first of your albums I bought and, until Infinite Octaves, my favourite.
Speaking as one musician to another, I think you’ve written another timeless album and I feel privileged to have a signed copy in my collection.”

Chris Green, composer/musician, USA

“My wife and I have been huge fans of your music (and art) since we “discovered” you in early 2007. We love the dreamy, ethereal quality of your compositions.

Several weeks ago it came to my attention that you had a new music release and I immediately ordered it from Amazon.


Absolutely your BEST work yet. I believe you spent every bit of 12 months putting this masterpiece together. It is stunning beyond belief.

I LOVE music, it is my passion. I enjoy classical, contemporary Christian, light jazz, easy listening, classic rock, some “new age” (which seems to be a catch all for difficult to classify music).

I have listened to literally thousands of recordings but I believe your music is the most original AND beautiful that I have ever heard (my beloved would agree as well). Your music is NOT new age (as it has been errantly classified). I would create a new classification of “ethereal space” or “higher realm” to categorize your compositions.

What sets your music apart is no matter how many times it is listened to, something new is revealed. There is a magical quality to it that keeps it fresh, “alive” and enduring.

I have listened to “Infinite Octaves” 7 or 8 times (so far) and am astounded by the way it seems to “transport” me to different dimensions of space and time. It is our #1 recording to listen to as we do our mental/spiritual training.

We are really looking forward to your next recording.

Thanks for your contribution of originality, beauty and excellence to the world through your music and your art.”

Jeff Whitlock, USA