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Other Musicians
Kevin Kendle: space-ambient electronic music.
Aeoliah: healing and divine meditational music and art.
Ty Burhoe: tabla artist known for his inspired accompaniment in both classical and in fusion settings.

Artists/Film Makers
Jean-Luc Bozzoli: cosmic, visionary film maker/artist.
Kelly Dietrich: celestial fractal and mandala artist.
Kelly’s art “Celestial Staircase” features on ‘Infinite Octaves’ CD cover.

Writers / Healers
Ariel Spilsbury: ecstatic creative writer, high priestess and mystic.
Madeleine Walker: animal communicator, horse and rider trauma consultant, human empowerment coach.
Katie Gallanti: metaphysics teacher, healer, esoteric scientist.
Isabelle Duchene: spiritual medium.
Sal Worringham: healer, UK
John P Olsen: editor of web magazine reviewing contemporary new age releases.
Bert Strolenberg: electronic music reviewer.