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Art Gallery

Here is a selection of Andrew’s paintings.

Some of these paintings, as noted, are for sale. If you interested in purchasing an original, please contact us for prices, size etc.

Visionary Paintings from 1989 to 1993

These are some of the paintings that placed Andrew in the international art market for the first time.

Shamanic Paintings from 1991 to 2000

These paintings represent a dramatic shift in terms of style and content. Now exploring themes like shamanism, paganism, indigenous primitive art, dream imagery, the goddess, the underworld, the unconscious etc.

Abstract Paintings from 2005 to present

Andrew now paints exclusively in the abstract domain. Tonal and textural values are becoming increasingly subtle. Andrew is preparing to explore painting on a much larger scale than previously, incorporating abstract themes through colour, texture, tone and translucency. These current paintings reflect an evolution towards greater simplicity. The emptiness within fullness; the stillness within movement.