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Volume 1 (Pleiades) in the ‘Star System Trilogy’

After years of preparing new sound textures, and taking 12 months to compose and record, the long awaited ‘Infinite Octaves’ finally concludes Andrew’s ‘Star System Trilogy’. Four monumental, deep space tracks guide the listener to the timeless, the boundless. A profound, multi-dimensional listening experience.

"What music! Sublime, beautiful, peaceful, floating, timeless, accessing higher realms. Infinite Octaves complements Starseed and Alpha~Omega perfectly. I have listened to many ambient/electronic albums; yours are on a different level all together."

Stuart Wisdom, UK

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Bandcamp: Click here to buy high quality lossless downloads and MP3 options (complete album or individual tracks).

Listen to samples:

[audio:16-Witnessing-Infinity.mp3|titles=Witnessing Infinity] [audio:17-Through-the-Seventh-Stargate.mp3|titles=Through the Seventh Stargate] [audio:18-Shallows-of-the-Golden-Shoreline.mp3|titles=Shallows of the Golden Shoreline] [audio:19-Beyond-the-Beyond.mp3|titles=Beyond the Beyond] Track Listing:
  1. Witnessing Infinity 14:34
  2. Through the Seventh Stargate 15:38
  3. Shallows of the Golden Shoreline 15:21
  4. Beyond the Beyond 15:36
Total Time 61:13


Price: NZ$25.00

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