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Majestic, powerful, healing, searching, evocative celestial soundscapes.  Layers of rich, subtle textures and melody weave into a unified sonic alchemy! This album is heart-centred, expansive, warm, sublime space music.

“Andrew Forrest has yet again created a musical jewel that transcends words, an inspiring and truly beautiful work of the heart.”

Katie Gallanti, Editor, Vision Magazine, USA

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A sacred marriage of heart and soul, enveloping the listener in enormous, slowly evolving layers of sound; the journey concludes with a feeling of harmony, spaciousness and deep peace.

Includes exquisite musical contributions from Nigel Shaw (celtic whistle) on ‘Sacred Marriage’ and Brian Abbott (glissando guitar) on ‘Liquid Light’.

Listen to samples:

[audio:12-I-AM-Presence.mp3|titles='I AM' Presence] [audio:13-Liquid-Light.mp3|titles=Liquid Light] [audio:14-Alchemy-of-the-Heart.mp3|titles=Alchemy of the Heart] [audio:15-Sacred-Marriage.mp3|titles=Sacred Marriage] Track Listing:
  1. 'I AM' Presence 15:15
  2. Liquid Light 18:08
  3. Alchemy of the Heart 18:46
  4. Sacred Marriage 20:56
Total Time 73:05

Instruments include: Piano, Keyboards, Choirs, Voices, Glissando Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Irish Whistle, Tibetan Bowls and Bells, Indian Tampoura, Harp, Windchimes, English Horn, Violins.


Price: NZ$25.00

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